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“Welcome to Terra Mirim UK! We are a collective of UK based community working together to promote and support Terra Mirim & Shamans Alba Maria and Dhan Ribeiro. We have all been deeply touched and inspired by the movement of Terra Mirim, the ancient wisdom of the Shamans and the beauty and simplicity of its spirit and land in Bahia, Brazil.

Our aims are to spread the messages of Shamans, promote their works and trainings in their own profound and unique approach to the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess, both in Brazil, UK and other countries where Initiation Journeys take place.

We hope that through this website you get a feel of the beauty and simplicity of an ancient but much needed wisdom and that you feel inspired to become part of this movement with us.

Hey Shaman! “



Terra Mirim was born from an inspiration, grown and embraced in the heart of Shaman Alba Maria, in the 1980s, when she lived with her family on “Mirim Farm”. Alba tells us that she used to retreat to a special spot in the farm to meditate. During one of those reflective moments, a “vision” appeared showing people from all over the world, some transitioning and passing by while others living permanently on the site of Mirim. This place which was then only her family’s household was to be transformed into a space dedicated to the “good of humanity.”


Through decades of hard work and determination, the vision gradually came to fruition and transformed into a “Centre of Light”, as the initial focus on personal and spiritual development became ingrained, the actions of the Foundation in protection of the Earth and local communities progressed onto a broader level through recognition by UNESCO and UNICEF. Now Terra Mirim shares its fruits globally through the Shaman School programme where the seeds of the future are being planted into those who respond to the calling and come to learn, to heal, to grow and liberate themselves. This alliance provides permanent witnessing of individual and collective consciousness.

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There’s no turning back nor conformity. The price to learn the mysteries is high, it’s the resignation, the acceptance and transformation of the ego force into the force of service, thus the birthing of our spiritual adulthood.
And so we go on growing, laughing, crying, singing and loving. Be welcome!

Shaman Alba Maria

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February 29, 2016

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Terra Mirim is internationally recognised by Unesco as a Man & Biosphere Reserve
erra Mirim was awarded as a semifinalist for Integrative Education

Terra Mirim is internationally recognised by Unesco as a Man & Biosphere Reserve

Terra Mirim was awarded as a semifinalist for Integrative Education by Unicef

I visited Terra Mirim for the first time in 2012. I was doing my PhD research on how spiritual intentional communities are enacted and how such spaces create alternative lifestyles. Whilst I was there mainly for academic purposes, Terra Mirim had a profound impact on my personal life. By observing Terra Mirim’s residents, listening to their stories, contributing to the community’s activities and participating in the shamanic rituals I have learnt something that I could not find in any book. This experience has strongly helped me in finding my own way, my own path within and beyond academia. I treasure each moment spent there and the profound learning received. I couldn’t be more grateful to the residents of Terra Mirim for having shared their precious spaces, time and knowledge with me

Francesca Fois, PhD.Nottingham University

Meeting these incredible wise, humble, pure beings was a defining moment in my life. They are the real deal. To be so vulnerable and open during ceremony and place your well‐being in the hands of these great teachers was a gift like no other. To hold a space that is so loving and clear and healing for all who were present, to help each of us cleanse and purify in our own unique way to feel safe while meeting the truth of our souls, all without any ego. Alba Maria and Dhan hold a place in my heart and I can’t wait to meet with them again.

Adrienne Kuna, Australia

The movement of Terra Mirim has changed my life in many incredible ways. I have worked with many amazing teachers but from my first visit there I felt a profound connection to the wisdom of the land and have been blown away by the teachings, wisdom, compassion and vision of Shamans Alba Maria and Dhan

Chris Kazamias, Psychotherapist, M.A., London

This path of diving deeply under Shamans’ guidance and ancient sacred rituals have helped reveal my inner soul with depths that I never knew existed. My heart has received so much healing from this land and I am being woven back into wholeness with these beautiful cleansing healing songs of the community. It is impossible for one to receive so much love, nourishment and yet not blossom.

Chuan W., Accountant, London